OUR WEB SITE IS BROKEN - please bear with us

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Our web site has been broken by our provider, Digital Space (which was acquired by Jumpline). They changed software in the night and restructured directories, taking away the software that formerly ran this site.

Although we have managed to restore some rudimentary pages, many pages no longer work on our site. This includes the free coupon page (just tell us and we will give you a free week without the coupon), all of our "Online Documents", etc. Please let us know if you come across other broken features via the e-mail link at the bottom of our web pages.

We are working to remedy the situation, but this will take time. We ask and thank you for your forbearance during this trial.

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20040915 Youth House Group Photo You can contact us at any time with any questions at:

E-mail: help@WLAkarate.com
Telephone: (310) 737-7890
Mailing address: PO Box 641691, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Please feel free to drop by and visit us during class hours. Classes are held at the:
Brentwood Youth House *
731 South Bundy Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049
* "The West Los Angeles Karate School is neither sponsored by nor is it in any way connected with the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles or the Los Angeles Unified School District."

For further information, comments and questions you may also send e-mail to help@WLAkarate.com.

Copyright Stan Uno.

"The ultimate aim of Karate-do lies not in the concern for victory or defeat,
but in the perfection of the human character of its participants."
Gichin Funakoshi